MW-301 Multi-Door Network Access Controller

MW-301 Multi-Door Network Access Controller

Moonwell MW 301 is one of our key products
among access control panels.

Due to the effective features it has.

Moonwell MW-301 has,

    • accepts 8 pcs of wiegand reader,
    • 100.000 card info storage capacity,
    • 150.000 log data storage capacity,
    • 2048 entry group definition capacity

due to these features and easy to use interface
it facilitates our customers business.


MW-301 Geçiş Kontrol Paneli – Geçiş Kontrol Sistemleri

Moonwell MW-301 brought to you as a result of a long running research and development.
It is an access control panel powered by a 32 bit microprocessor and equipped with superior features.

Moonwell MW-301 connects with other panels in the network using TCP-IP Protocol
that provides you a fast communication ability with other access control products.

Moonwell MW-301 access control panel can accept up to 8 pcs of cards from Moonwell or other brands.
Wiegand fingerprint readers can be integrated.

one of the most effective features of Moonwell MW-301 Access Control Systems is the ability to communicate between eachother.

Thanks to the ability of communication over TCP/IP Protocol,
it allows you to add as much 301 devices as you want to control any number of doors.

MW-301 continues to function with full set of features without depending on
any other additional product.

  • Max Card Memory: 100.000 (Personnel and guest)
  • Max Event Memory: 150.000
  •  Max Entry Group: 2048
  • group based access configuration
  •  Real time date and hour info
  •  Functions 7/24 when PC's and servers are offline.
  •  Communication between panels over ethernet network.
  •  Group and user based entry settings
  •  Entry restriction based on date and hour.
  •  Guest support
  •  Easy to use interface
  • Local Anti-Passback
  • Global Anti-Passback
  • 8 pcs of Wiegand Reader( ( Moonwell MW-105, HID, other brands EM and Mifare reader can be integrated)
  • 8 pcs of Exit Buttons
  • 8 pcs of Magnetic ignition
  • 8 pcs of Relay output
  • 1 Alarm Relay Output (for Alarm System connectivity)
  • LED Tracking of each relay output by a LED
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet port
  • 2 pcs of RS-485 Port
  • 1 RS-232 port
  • All entry points are protected with optical isolators.
  • 32 bit 60 Mhz CPU + 16 bit Co-processor
  • 1 MB SRAM, 2,5 MB Flash memory
  • 10 years of memory persistence and real time clock with 3V Lithium battery
  • EMC filtering
  • 3.3V, 5V voltage control LED diodes
  • COM ve ERR LED diodes
  • 12V DC – 3A 8 tane okuyucuyu dahili besleme
  • NO/NC röle çıkışı (maksimum 120V AC / 30V DC – 3A röle voltajı)
  • sheet iron panel (exclusive lock for each panel)
  • Güç Dağıtım ve Akü Şart devresi , opsiyonel 12 V – 7,2 Ah akü.
  • 12 V DC – 5 A ana güç kaynağı
  • Dimensions: 41 cm x 39,5 cm x 8,5 cm



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