GT-40 Guard Tour System

GT-40 Guard Tour System

 GT-40 Guard Tour System, It is designed to keep track of where the guards control every point in the areas where the guards are. Control settings such as how often the software can be controlled can be made.


What is Guard Tour System?

Guard tour control systems are a system used to control the Security Officers who are obliged to ensure the security of any place.These controls, which are carried out with the mechanic wind-up guard tour system, have been replaced by electronic and computer-based guard tour systems in today's technology.Thanks to the Guard Tour System, it has become even easier to determine if the security guards you have entrusted your property and property fulfill their responsibilities.

How to Use Guard Tour System?

The Guard Tour Control System is very easy to install and use.The computer software primarily identifies security points and identities of security guards.Then the security guard touches the main unit as the identity of the tour goes on tour and starts the tour;It completes the tour by touching the security points that are hung in various parts of the company.These movements, which continue during the tour, can then be stored in a PC environment with computer software and reported at any time.Thanks to these records stored in the PC environment, it is possible to report on which security points at which date and time the security guards are visiting.

Guard Tour System Features

  • It has IP68 protection class and is dust and water proof.In this context, it completely eliminates the problem of not reading the safety points in rainy weather in other similar products.
  • It has a plug & play feature like usb memory without having to install a driver on the computer.
  • Works on MS Windows Operating Systems
  • It can introduce 12,000 logs (log) capacity and 1,500 checkpoints and security guard IDs.
  • With its easy use and ergonomic design, Guard Tour Control Systems provide “the most effective protection and control”.


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