Arm Barriers

Parking barrier systems are used to prevent any unwanted uncontrolled entry. Besides, it is the most effective solution for the places where the inputs and outputs are required to be controlled. In addition to safety, the vehicle’s barrier systems, which provide access control through intelligent parking systems, are made of all weather-resistant stainless steel housing and can be used regardless of the interior and exterior. The arm lengths of these barriers vary according to the entrance area of ​​the car park you will use and offer a solution to your every need.

You can safely protect your parking lot in all areas, including arm barriers, sites, airports, businesses, business centers, squares and all areas. Arm barriers can also be triggered using high-end security solutions such as fingerprint, face scanning or card access control systems, which are simpler security solutions. But all of them require an official. and allows you to view reports of transitions at any time.

The arm barriers are highly improved in safety and when the vehicle is stopped at the level of the barrier arm during the passage, the motion sensor becomes visible and the barrier arm does not close. When the passage of the vehicle is completed, the barrier arm starts to close. In addition to the alarms such as fire, earthquake or disaster, the arms will not be operated and free passage will be provided.

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