Borda MX-600 Fingerprint Reader

Borda MX-600 Fingerprint Reader

Borda MX-600 fingerprint reader is a product that innovatively integrates fingerprint reading and RFID technology. It can work best with Moonwell and also with other access control systems with standard RS485 output. Its sufficiently secure for places that demand high security levels.


Borda MX-600 fingerprint reader is suitable for personnel attendance control systems with color TFT screen, card and password memory, 50.000 log capacity.Borda MX-600 can control doors and turnstile systems.Borda MX-600 can work with cards and passwords.Borda MX-600 has a communication ability over TCP/IP

  • Color TFT Screen
  • 1000 fingerprint, Card and Password memory capacity
  • 50,000 log capacity
  • Door and Turnstile opening
  • Communication over TCP/IP
  • Communication over USB
  • 125 Khz  EM or 13,56 Mhz Card Reader


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